Made to Safeguard your loved one

PetScan QR was developed as a solution to protect your loved ones. PetScan QR provides an affordable addition to micro-chips. By powering our custom charms with an easy to scan QR code, we provide a solution to provide your pets vital information, along with owner’s contact information, instantly on any capable smartphone. Proudly designed, developed and manufactured in the USA.

Jason DiPietro

I am a local designer and inventor with a passion for animals. I have created this product to help safeguard your pet. I have heard many stories of pets being lost, being spooked by firecrackers on the Fourth of July or running away and not finding their way home. This product will eliminate the steps it takes for you to get your pet back. With a simple scan from a smart phone — you have all the information you need of that pet and with the tap of an app will be able to contact the owner or vet.

Myself as a pet owner of numerous dogs, I have experienced the heartache of losing a loved one. Every second while the dog was missing counted. Finally the dog was found three days later and was at the local SPCA, the pup had to go through three people to finally get to me. My goal with PetScan QR is to eliminate the time and the steps it takes to get your pet back. Microchips are often put in to assure a safe return. Microchips can only be read by a vet or a shelter. The information on a microchip cannot be changed unless the chip is removed and a new one is inserted. PetScan QR solves all those problems — it can be read by any smart phone and all information can be changed at any time by user. We are also the only product with a native application to provide convenience and best experience. 

Jason DiPietro CEO/Founder, PetScan QR